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 Decorative Candle Holders C1

These exquisite and stunning one-of-a-kind candle holders will be a welcome addition to your home or event.

Additional Information:

Candles included. Sold as a set.


 Decorative Candle Holders C2

A lovely set of elegant candle holders accented with some bling.  

Additional Information:

Candles included. Sold as a set


 Decorative Lighted Candle Holders  C5

Teal and gold trimmed candle holders accented with gold and clear stones and lights.

Additional Information

Sizes and height and color can be changed to match your decor.


 Decorative Blinged Lighted  Candle Holder  C6

Blinged candle holder set with clear diamond stones. Choose the lighting you would like. With a candle at the top and bottom or with lights at the top and a candle at the bottom. Either way it will look stunning.

Additional Information: 

Price with just the candles at the top and bottom: $12 a set

Price with the lighting and the candle at the bottom: $15 a set


Black Lace Candle Holder  C7

There is just one word for this candle holder... Sexy! The back has a single line of white pearls down the back for that extra added of elegance. 

Additional Information:

Candle included.$10.00 each


 Decorative Candle Holders  C8

Simply fashionable table topper trimmed in bling at the top and bottom.

Additional Information:

Candle included. Stone colors can be changed.


 Decorative Candle Holders


 Decorative Candle Holders