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Decorative Perfume Bottle

Looking for something to add a stunning bling- bling accent to your dresser or bathroom vanity. Consider this piece!

Decorative Canisters

Bubble Bath Bottles

Beautifully decorative bottles that can be used as a bubble bath container or for that special lotion or just as an accent piece. Your choice.

Additional Information: 

Prices vary depending on amount of decorations on the bottle. Prices starting at $15.00. Colors can vary

Bubble Bath Bottles

White small canister

S​mall white and silver canisters decorated with white pearls and a white flower on top. Perfect for the bride's maid's gift bags, your diamond stud earrings, or just safety pins.​

Additional Information: 

Colors can vary. $5.00 each

Small White Canisters

Decorative Small Canisters

Small  decorative blinged canisters. Perfect for storing your stud earrings, safety pins and a variety of things.

Additional Information:

Colors can vary. $5.00 each

Decorative small canisters