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Visit My Booth

View the floral arrangements of simply elegant flower arrangements up close and personal. You may visit my booth at Knick Knacks (215 W. Camp, Wisdom Road in Duncanville, Texas 75116).

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If you are looking for quality artificial floral arrangements and decorative containers and much more, feel free to shop here. I offer beautiful artificial floral arrangements to customers in Dallas, Texas and its surrounding areas.

*Please note that taxes are not included in the price.

*Shipping or delivery fees are not included in the prices*

*Delivery or pick up is preferred*

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For questions or other concerns about my services, feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you. 

Flower Arrangement  A1

Accent colors can be changed to match your decor except the large white flower.

Flower Arrangement #

Flower Arrangement   A2

WOW! This  teal, grey and white arrangement is the one that gets that Wow effect! This is a beautiful arrangement. Can be used for many occasions.

Additional Information:

Price depends on the amount of flowers in the arrangement. Colors can be changed or added.

Flower arrangement A2

Flower Arrangement   A4

Make a statement with this arrangement! The grey vase makes the off white flowers and the crystal and grey ornaments pop. The picture doesn't do it justice. Perfect for a large area, large door entry or an office area or even anywhere in your home.

Flower arrangement A4

Flower Arrangement   A6

This array of a mixed combination of Black and White flowers would be the perfect accent plant for your room or office.

Flower arrangement A6

Flower Arrangment  A7

Simple but yet classy.

Flower arrangement A7

Flower Arrangement   A8

This is an arrangement of dramatic display of lush blooming beautiful blooms. Nothing else needs to be said! Boom!

Additional Information:

 Colors can be changed or added. The large white flower cannot be changed.

Flower arrangement A8

Flower Arrangement   A9

Looking for a radiant tropical one of a kind arrangement. This distinctive arrangement is the one for you.

Additional Information:

Colors can be changed to match your decor.

Flower arrangement A9

Flower Arrangement   A10

Flower arrangement A10

Flower Arrangement  A11

This delightful fresh bloom of purple and white flowers looks fresh from the garden.

Flower arrangement A11

Flower Arrangement   A12

Refreshing! This arrangement enchants with its soft sophistication. Imagine this in your office building.

Flower arrangement A12

Flower Arrangement   A16

Brightens up any space and provide a reminiscent of sunny skies.

Flower arrangement A16

Flower Arrangement  A17

Flower arrangement A17

 Flower Arrangement A18

A burst of sun - kissed sunshine. This one will certainly brighten the day!

Coming Soon

 Flower Arrangement A 19

This bouquet creates a wonderful expression of warmth and beauty.

Additional information:

Colors can be changed. What are your colors?

Coming Soon

Flower Arrangement A 20 

Transform the room with a showcase of beautiful purples 

Coming Soon


Coming Soon