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 Decorative Wreaths - W1

A unique teal and crystal and gold wreath.

It also has a teal bird attached...

Teal and Crystal Wreath

White and Peachy - Rose Wire Wreath -W2

Take a look at this intricate wreath. It has subtle hues of peach rose flowers with a touch of white flowers as an accent. Can you imagine this on a minty green wall... where ever you place it, it will stand out!


Additional information:

 Colors can be changed.

White and peachy rose wire wreath

Spring / Summer Wreath W3

This boldly colored wreath is beautifully accented with white, yellow, green, and red flowers with a touch of baby's breath accents as well.

Additional Information:

 Colors can be changed.

Spring/Summer Wreath W3

White, Black , Gray Wreath W4

Looking for something sophisticated and classy for your event or just to put in your home or office? Look no further.... 


Additional information:

 Colors can be changed.



 Decorative Wreath W6

Looking for something to add that final touch to any room? Try this wreath. It's stylish and classy.

Additional Information:

Colors/ size can vary


Decorative Wire Wreath W7

Circle wreath artfully arranged with a touch of soft flowers.

Decorative Wreaths


Coming Soon